What to Look For When Seeking Out a Pet Friendly Home

Do you love dog, cats or have you always dreamed of owning a big home with lots of furry friends to keep you company?  If you are an animal lover then it is always best to seek out a pet-friendly home right from the start.  Here are some things to look out for when you are considering the best pet-friendly homes;

What to Look For When Seeking Out a Pet Friendly Home
What to Look For When Seeking Out a Pet Friendly Home

Lots of Outdoor Space

There are plenty of apartment owners of high story buildings that own pets but this isn’t exactly the easiest or best way to live with pets.  Pets that live in apartments need to be walked on a daily basis, you will have to clean up after your dog each and every day and it can be quite challenging to keep these animals content when there isn’t much to do.  If you want to get lots of dogs then you should look for a property with lots of outdoor space.

A Pet-Friendly Yard

There are lots of things in the backyard that can actually be harmful to your pets.  An open swimming pool can cause drowning and it isn’t healthy for dogs to drink that much chlorine from swimming pools.  Some plants are poisonous to pets, yet some dogs will actually consume plants like succulents despite the fact that these plants are poisonous.  Look for a home with a safe yard or a yard that you can easily make pet-friendly without costing you a fortune.

A Good Fence

It is incredibly dangerous for your dog to walk the streets.  They could be hit by traffic or they could get terrible diseases from other stray animals.  Ensure that your home has a good quality fence that will keep your pet inside.

Doggy Door

If your dog is allowed to come into the house then a doggy door can make a world of difference.  Dogs can exit and enter as they please which will prevent them from making a mess inside the house.  Doggy doors are also great for keeping your home nice and warm during winter without restricting your dog.

Lots of Shade

Outdoors dogs need lots of shading during hot summer days and not just any shading.  Green shading from trees is best because the green leaves absorb the sun-rays and results in a much cooler temperature than artificial shading can ever provide.

Lots of Things to Do

Your property should give your dog lots of things to do.  They should be able to sniff out creatures, run, explore nature and stay busy.  Busy dogs are never naughty, they are much healthier and the chance of becoming obese is a lot lower.

Remember To Support Other Doggy Causes

There are lots of animals out there that will never be as lucky as your pets.  Street animals rely on animal welfare for survival and it is important to show your support by assisting animal welfare organizations Don’t Bully Us, Kennel Kompadres and NM Dog so you can help make a change in the lives of these animals as well as your own beloved pet.