Quick Fixes for Your Bathroom If You Are Out Of Money

Paying off your mortgages can be tough especially now that home prices have skyrocketed all over the world.  It can be hard to stay head above water when there are so many expenses to cover in our modern day life.  To top it off, homeowners frequently have to deal with all sorts of unexpected home expenses because homes need to be upgraded and maintained on a regular basis.  This month you might have to dish out extra money for pest control, next month you might need to repair a broken door and all sorts of other issues could easily seep into your day.  Most homeowners will eventually reach that stage where there just isn’t enough spending money available right now to properly repair something in the house.

Quick Fixes for Your Bathroom If You Are Out Of Money
Quick Fixes for Your Bathroom If You Are Out Of Money

Here are a few quick fixes for your bathroom that can help you out of a tight spot when you just don’t have money for a proper repair job.

A Quick Fix for A Busted Water Heater

Water heaters are pretty expensive and taking a cold shower or bath is just horrid, especially during winter time.  Hot water is a basic necessity that you just cannot go without but luckily there is a quick fix solution if you don’t have money to install a brand new water heater just now.  A portable on demand water heater is a lot more affordable and can help you through this rough time in your life.  These mini water heaters are perfect for taking a shower, for using at your basin and can even be great for the kitchen.  In fact, many homeowners invest in portable on demand water heater permanently because they are so affordable and handy.  The best thing about these heaters is that you can also take it along on camping trips in the future.  It is a great permanent investment even though you might only use it for a few short months in your own bathroom.

Cover Bad Flooring

Do you have a bad bathroom floor?  Then this quick fix can help you out while you are saving up for retiling.  Invest in sheeted vinyl flooring that you can cut to size and roll out on the floor.  These sheets can be adhered to your floor with double-sided vinyl tape and are completely reversible when you finally do have enough money to redo your bathroom.

White Marks on Your Glass Shower Screen

Hard water will result in lots of unsightly white marks on your shower screen.  This can be repaired by washing your shower door with vinegar and by wiping down the glass panels after every shower.  This is a good solution until you have the money for a water purifier.

Broken Shower Head

If your shower head broke off then you can either use the direct stream or fetch an old bottle.  Make lots of tiny holes in the base of the bottle with a screw or nail and fix the bottle to your shower hose with duct tape.  This is a good quick fix until you can buy a new shower head.