Planning Your New Home Decor

Moving into a new home is as exciting as it is intimidating. Moving in can be quite stressful. You’re tensed as you don’t know the new area. Plus, let’s not forget all the work you need to get done. On the other hand, it’s a chance for you to start your life anew. Not only that, you can revamp your style and start decorating your new home from scratch. Whether you choose to go for a complete remodeling or add a few bits and pieces here and there, it all up to you!

Planning Your New Home Decor
Planning Your New Home Decor

A new home for a new beginning and a new décor to match it! What could be better to kickstart your new life in your new city?

Here are a few ways you can plan your new décor according to your taste:

Choose your style:

Most folks have difficulties in following one style. This can often lead to a chaotic décor plan and will leave your house feeling mismatched. Of course, you can give different themes to individual rooms. However, we recommend that the overall themes are interconnected. For instance, think of a Victorian bedroom with a contemporary and minimalistic style living room.

Of course, they might look good individually, however, when paired together, they certainly look chaotic. So, we recommend you to choose a style and then vary it accordingly across different rooms.


Next, you need to decide which colors would look good in which rooms. You can decide which color schemes you want to choose based on the furniture you already have. Make sure it is consistent in that entire room. You can choose your paint colors accordingly as well.

Plan Your Furniture:

A big mistake folks often make is buying smaller accessories first. If you buy a floor lamp before you buy a bed, you are bound to end up with a mismatch. We always recommend that you buy the biggest piece first.

We also recommend you to plan the furniture out. Otherwise, you could easily run out of space without even knowing it. This will help you in getting your furniture and accessories in the correct order.

After you’re done with the larger pieces, you can then try buying smaller accessories to go with your room. This will help you in making a cohesive color palette as well.

Give it a Personal Touch:

Anyone can hire an interior designer and let them have it a go. However, it is your home. So, it goes without saying that it should have a personal touch to it. One of the best ways to add them is to add paintings you love or add accessories that hold some sentimental value to you. A great way to add a personal touch is to add a framed map. There are various ways maps can add a personal touch to your living space.

When you’re moving to a new place, you might miss your home. You can add a map of all your favorite places back at home. It could include your old school, your old address, your favorite dining spots, and even some recreational spots. It would be quite nostalgic and would constantly fill the empty hole your home city left.

You can also add a map of your current city. Needless to say, moving to a new place is hard as you don’t know all the places. Having a framed map in your living room might help you figure out your way before leaving. Where to get these custom maps? An online website such as Modern Map Art allows you to make your own map. They provide you with maps with a custom yet modern twist to them. Your walls will not look boring and these maps will be pretty functional.