Making Money as a Real Estate Agent

I am very sure that you’ve often wondered just how much real estate agents earn, and you’re wondering if you too can earn money as a real estate agent. The truth is that anyone can become a real estate agent as long as they have the motivation. That is the reason why it has people from all walks of life and with different education levels. People are attracted to real estate because of the money, while others just want to be associated with the glamour excitement and challenges of selling property.

How Much Does an Average Real Estate Agent Earn?

Most people that are just starting out in the real estate business make very little money. This is because they are struggling to learn the business while building a client base. Over time, the agents can count on referrals from clients that liked their services as they continue building their businesses. They also learn other ways of bringing in more clients.

It is hard to say what real estate agents earn, but according to, most of them earn an average median income of approximately $36,000, with the more established agents earning way more, and the smaller ones less. Part-time agents usually supplement their income by taking on other full-time jobs. The amount of money that agents make is determined by the number of transactions completed, the commissions paid to the brokerage, and the amount that they split with the sponsoring brokers.

Making Money as a Real Estate Agent

Every real estate agent has set different standards for their best performing producers, although we can probably say that each top producer should sell at least one property per month to qualify, earning them anything between $100,000 to $200,000 per annum. In cities like Los Angeles, top producers can make millions in commissions.

Pay Per Service Realty Inc.

We are now going to take a look at Pay Per Service Realty Inc., a company that offers the lowest real estate commission. For buyers, Pay Per Service Realty offer a dynamic scale of rebate system for the buyer’s client. This way, the client can save money on commission determined by the selling price. Pay Per Service Realty offer three distinct service options for the buyer’s client to choose from:

  • The pay as you go option where the client of the buyer can earn back the entire buying commission by simply purchasing a prepaid buying package.
  • The next option is the 50% rebate, an upgrade of the pay as you go option. The service provided is limited in this option.
  • The last option is the VIP service option that comes with unlimited services and full return of any amount paid by pay as you go option at closing. Clients can change directly from pay as you go to VIP service, skipping the 50% rebate option.


For sellers, Pay Per Service Realty offer flat fees service for property listing with different services and VIP listing service as the traditional way available in the market.

Selling & buying at same time

In the event that a client is selling and buying at the same time, Pay Per Service Realty Inc. offer free listing as long as the client buys shortly after selling. If that is not the case, the client can subscribe to any of the other listing packages.

Pre-construction Buyers

Buyers of pre-construction condos are entitled to a $5000 rebate at closing with developers Pay Per Service Realty Inc. cooperate with, mostly in all of the GTA.

Pay Per Service Realty Inc. is a business that believes in fairness regarding the duty of the real estate agent toward the clients. If a property presents itself properly, it should be able to sell itself in today’s marketplace. The main aim of this company is to bring back the credibility of realtors, maintaining a need for their services.


If you’re looking for the perfect realtor company, Pay Per Service have your needs at heart. They offer the lowest commissions, and clients can even earn the commissions back with some of their programs. Why go for another company when the best one is right before you?

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