How To Make Your Garden Lush Green?

Having a beautiful house with a brown-yellow garden has done no good for anyone. What is a dream house without a lush green garden? Nothing right!!!

Well!! Fortunately, there are ways in which you can help your garden grown lush green. Of course, every garden has its ups and downs but with proper care and proper irrigation, you can get the garden you have always dreamt of.

There is a misconception that for getting the ideal garden you have to hire a horticulturist. Hiring him not only cost you a fortune, but the final product will be very hard to maintain as well. Just a few additions and changes to your garden on your own can help you get the best garden.

How To Make Your Garden Lush Green?
How To Make Your Garden Lush Green?

Some things that you can do are:


For a lush green garden, having proper soil is very necessary. If you don’t provide proper nutrients, you cannot expect your garden to look good. Before planting the grass, adding some wood pellet ash to the soil can help provide the required nutrients. Since it is an organic fertilizer, the quantities won’t affect the grass unlike urea, which when used in large quantities can burn the grass.

Wood pellets are widely used as a fuel for heating and cooking but who thought they would have other uses as well. After using these wood pellets, we always throw away the ash, but this ash can work as a fertilizer and provide organic nutrients to the grass. Wood pellets are used to a large extent on an industrial scale as well as at home for cooking and heating. These pellets are available in different qualities and are purchased based on the requirements of the user.

Several folks find the task of choosing the proper wood pellets difficult as they are processed to get the maximum heat out of them. Hence, finding the most efficient ones is usually a daunting task especially with all the technical terms used in the description.

Just doing a little research and finding what the terms mean can help you in purchasing the most efficient wood pellets. It is a one-time task which would help you for a lifetime.

One word that you will definitely find in the description is the hardwood or softwood. For same wood pellet prices, you get more softwood pellets and fewer hardwood pellets because hardwood pellets are heavier. Moreover, since softwood pellets are more in quantity the energy produced by them is also more.

Proper watering:

Watering your grass on time and keeping an eye on the quantity of water is extremely important. Don’t over water your grass as it will only lead to it dying. Don’t give the grass so much water that it looks like a pool. Also, during the rainy season stop watering your grass as it gets enough water from the rain. When you give water to your grass, as soon as the water starts pooling, stop watering. This is the trick to know when your grass has had its fair share of water.

There are a few things that help to determine if the grass is thirsty. The symptoms of a thirsty grass are:

  1. If your footprint does not disappear right away, your grass is thirsty.
  2. If the green color of grass starts fading away.

Urbanscape landscaping system:

This is a newly found system for making your grass lush green and low maintenance. An urbanscape roll is layered underneath the layer of the grass for better availability of nutrients and less requirement of water. The urbanscape roll is made of mineral wool. It is treated with high heat to improve absorbability. It absorbs nutrients and water and makes it available to the grass for a longer time by preventing it from seeping into the base layer. This way the garden requires less water and stays greener and happier.