Getting The Best Pet Vacuum for Your Home

As much as many people love pets, not many f the love the sight of pet hair in the house. There are many pet vacuums in the market but the most popular are Shark or Dyson vacuum. The battle of shark vacuum vs Dyson is a long one.

Comparing the two, Dyson has been popularized to be among the high-end vacuums. It holds a higher price tag since they claim to offer great cleaning services. The suction power is also very strong comparatively maybe that’s responsible for superior cleaning services.

Getting The Best Pet Vacuum for Your Home
Getting The Best Pet Vacuum for Your Home

Shark on the other hand is relatively smaller and the prices are way cheaper as compared to Dyson. The company claims to offer the same standard of vacuum cleaner performance to customers but at a cheaper price. That is how they manage to get into the customer base of Dyson. If you are shopping but, on a budget, you will be more likely to settle on Shark as its prices are way cheaper.


When it comes to operation, both of them can maneuver around furniture and obstacles for cleaning. Dyson uses ball technology while Shark has a swiveling head for cleaning. As much as both vacuums are lightweight, the shark is way lighter. The average weight of the shark is 14 ponds while that of Dyson is 17 pounds.

When it comes to convenience of cleaning under furniture, Shark is more convenient as it will come with attachments that will make the work easier. For the Dyson vacuum, the design of its balls disadvantages it as the height of the ball makes it hard for it to fit under furniture. There is however some Dyson’s vacuum that have a removable wand to make it easier.


Both vacuums are good performers on any kind of floor. The Dyson however has more suction power which makes it a better alternative. It is also very good in getting rid of all pet hair. The shark on the other hand has a hose design that makes it prone to clogging.

Filter system

Booth of he vacuums have a great filtration system meaning it is great for those who suffer from allergies especially pet owners. They both have HEPA filtration system which is sealed. They are also both bagless meaning there is no much difference when it comes to the filtration system. The only difference is Dyson is better as it makes sure that the filter is not clogged with debris.

For Shark and Dyson, their priorities are different as brands. For shark the priority is to offer a lot of functionality but at a lower price. They also come with many extra accessories as compared to other brands. For Dyson, their priority as a brand is to offer superior quality even if it means a higher price. Even though it may not come with many features, you are assured of quality.

Buyers of shark still maintain that they are able to get value for money and don’t regret their purchase.