Features in a Kid-Friendly Home

Every parent dreams of having a kid friendly home that will comfortably accommodate their kids. The home needs to be optimized for the kids depending on their ages by including enough space for them to play and move around. They also require their own space, where they can keep their toys without necessarily making the house look untidy. Things that could be harmful to them should also be kept away from their reach. In this article, we are going to focus on some of the features in a kid friendly home.

Fixed-cushion sofas

Fixed cushion sofas would probably work best since most kids are into the habit of pulling cushions off couches. This will make the formal spaces look orderly in the presence of kids.

Vinyl flooring

Things like hardwood flooring can easily get damaged by the children when they do things like drag furniture across it. that is why vinyl floors are best, being that they won’t get damaged throughout the life of your child. This will save on money and time spent on renovations.

Semigloss paint

Kids love writing and scribbling on walls and this makes semi-gloss paint convenient since it can easily be washed off, no matter what they are using to write on the wall. Markers, crayons, and chalk all wash away easily.

Carpet tiles

Children are known to spill all sorts of fluids on carpets, and this could damage the carpets if we aren’t keep. It would be a good idea to avoid carpets, and if you really must have a carpet, you might want to consider using carpet tiles since they are easy to lift and take for cleaning, and if need be, the affected square can be replaced.

Area rugs

Avoid using a carpet under the dining table for obvious reasons, and if you must, use carpet tiles to create an area rug.

Features in a Kid-Friendly Home
Features in a Kid-Friendly Home

Lego Ways

Most of us played with Lego when we were kids, a great experience when it came to creating things. They are good for both children and adults and the reason why we are now going to feature LEGO Ways. Started by a Lego lover, for Lego lovers, this is a unique website geared at AFOL (adult fans of Lego) as they begin their Lego journey. There are reviews of several Lego products that offer different experiences for the users. The site gives an in depth analysis of Lego such as the origin and importance, amongst other things. To make it easier, this information has been categorized, some of the categories mentioned below:

  • Lego architecture
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With these topics it is easier for people to determine how they can fit into the Lego culture.


Kid friendly homes don’t have to be expensive, and by following the tips above, the home will become more accommodative. There are many other ways to make kid friendly homes but we’ll discuss those another day. Throwing in toys such as Lego would also be a good way to heighten the kids experiences in the homes.