Electrical Wiring at Home

Many people, and especially the men, are usually assumed to have some knowledge when it comes to wiring. They can usually perform the basic wiring jobs around the home, but as we all know, even the most experienced electricians can come into problems. In this article, we are going to take a look at some tips when it comes to electrical wiring at home.

Electrical Wiring at Home
Electrical Wiring at Home

Uncoil Cable Without Kinks

Before you pull sheathed cables through holes in the wall and other surfaces, straighten it first. This could prevent the cables from getting cut and also make it easier for easier handling and neater storage.

Pack the Wiring Boxes Neatly

When you are done with the siring and have been handling many wires, it is advisable to fold the wires neatly and place them into the wiring boxes neatly. If you leave them in a confused state, it could even confuse you when connecting them and you could end up leaving live wires hanging dangerously. Arranging the wiring boxes neatly leaves plenty of space for the switches, and makes it easy to identify where each wire goes.

Unsheathe the Underground Feeder (UF) Cable

The underground feeder (UF) cable is made in such a way that it can be buried into the ground directly without necessarily being put through a conduit. When unsheathing the cable, you can separate the black and white wires from the copper using a pliers by unwinding them, clipping the tips, and pulling them apart as you pull the sheath in the opposite direction with another pliers. Once they have torn apart, you can cut the sheath off.

Use a Stud Finder to Scan the Wall Cavity

When you are fishing for wires or obstacles in the wall cavity, the stud finder is the tool to use. With this you will no longer have to worry about things like headers which are blocked or abandoned.

Home Electrical Tools

When you want to drill holes in your walls, flex bits come in super handy, and some even have extensions which can be used to pull wires. When the holes have been drilled, one can pull wires through using eyelets and then use glow rods to pull the wires through by hooking them.

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