Choosing The Best Rowing Machine for Use At Home

There are many types of rowing machines in the market and they have all been made different. For your home, there are many things that you have to factor to make sure that it is appropriate for the home especially if you have kids at home. While you are shopping for your home rower, it is important to keep in mind that different machines use different kinds of resistance and that has a lot of bearing on them for example on the noise levels. The kind of resistance it has will give you a different rowing experience hence it is better to understand the difference between the different types of resistance. Some of the resistance systems that are worth knowing if you are looking for a home rower includes:

Choosing The Best Rowing Machine for Use At Home
Choosing The Best Rowing Machine for Use At Home

Magnetic resistance

Rowers that use magnetic resistance are normally small compact and quiet. That explains why they are commonly used at home. They work by having a magnetic brake that controls the resistance levels you will get when rowing. With a magnetic brake, it is easy to be in control of the resistance levels. Apart from having a wide range of resistance levels to choose from, you can also adjust the resistance levels according to your specifications. A magnetic rower is normally quieter because there is no friction that is created with a magnetic resistance system. Magnetic rowers also tend to have heavy flywheels which makes them have a smooth glide.

Air resistance

Air resistance rowers are rowing machines that derive their resistance from the air which is created by spinning the flywheel. In order to create resistance, you have t pull the rower handle which will make the flywheel to spin which in result will create some form of wind which will create resistance. That means that if you want to create more resistance you need to row harder in order to create more wing. As much as it is not as easy to control the resistance level as with the magnetic resistance, you can still be able to control resistance with your rowing motion. The more the rowing motion, the more the resistance you will create. There are a variety of air resistance rowers that have levers that are used to adjust the airflow which is used in controlling the resistance level.

Hydraulic piston resistance

They are also commonly used at homes because they have a compact size and are pocket-friendly. It has two pistons on the handlebars that reused in creating resistance. You only have to pull the pistons in order to get resistance as there is fluid or compressed air inside the pistons. This kind of rower is unique and different as you can achieve different resistance levels on separate sides. Every handlebar is different and hence you can choose to get difference resistance from them. This kind of rower is best for people who have balance issues. In addition to that, they are also generally relatively quieter as compared to other models. Due to their compact size, they can be easily folded to be stored away at home.