Top Herb Plants for Your Home Garden

Growing your own herb and veggie gardens is about much more than simply saving money.  When you grow your own food you can adapt organic healthy eating because you have full control over the types of pesticides and chemicals your plants are exposed to.  Spending time in your garden also promotes your physical and mental wellbeing. But ultimately what really makes growing an herb garden worth the time and effort you put in is the experience. There are few things as great as plucking your own fresh herbs right from the garden for cooking.

If you are only starting out on an herb garden then you probably don’t have any idea as to what plants to buy.  Here is a quick guide to help you find the best herb types for your home herb garden.

Top Herb Plants for Your Home Garden
Top Herb Plants for Your Home Garden

But First – Learn More about Grow Lights

Before you start out on your herb garden there is one modern piece of equipment that you simply must get to know better.  LED Growth Lights are a true revelation for those without garden spaces and for homeowners that prefer to have a live herb garden inside the kitchen.  These growth lights illuminate your plants indoors and simulate UV rays.  The lights make it possible for you to grow herb gardens inside the house even though natural sunlight might lack entirely.  You can grow an herb garden inside your kitchen and have full access to fresh herbs at all times without stepping outside of the kitchen.  These lights also make it possible for you to grow herbs all year round and reduce the need for pesticides since no insects can reach your garden inside the house.  Visit to find out more about these lights.

Best Herbs to Choose For Your Garden

Whether you grow your garden inside underneath an LED growth light or have an outdoor garden, these following herbs are must-haves for every household;

Parsley – This is one of the herbs that are easiest to grow.  You can harvest it at any time and one single plant can supply you with over 12 months of parsley.  The herb works great in various food types such as pasta, cauliflower dishes, pizza, stews and more.

Rosemary – Rosemary is also fairly easy to grow.  The plant offers a woodsy citrus-smell and is great in cooking all types of foods including soups, sandwiches, salads, dips and more.

Mint – Mint plants are beautiful, they smell great and are handy for solving indigestion issues and an upset stomach.  The herb also works great in minty drinks and is handy for preparing desserts.

Basil – Basil is very fragrant rich and offers plenty of health benefits.  The herb is handy for preparing various foods such as eggplant, tomatoes, stews and more.

Chives – This onion-like herb can replace your need for onions entirely.  Chives works well in all types of foods and is easy self-sustaining since one single stem of chive will quickly multiply into a big bunch.

Thyme – This is another fragrant rich plant that releases pleasant aromas by simply stirring the leaves.  Thyme is best for stews, soups and for seasoning meats.