Tips to Advertise Rental Property

At times it can become very hard getting a tenant for your property. This can be influenced by several factors such as the location of the property, use of the property, accessibility of the property, among other things. In this article, we are going to try and make it easier by giving you tips on how to advertise your property with higher chances of getting tenants faster.

Tips to Advertise Rental Property
Tips to Advertise Rental Property
  • The price range

Depending on the area where your property is located, you will want to look at what similar properties are charging before deciding on how to price yours. When the pricing is realistic, chances of getting tenants faster, are better.

  • Payment schedule

Different areas or property types could require different payment plans. There are some which can require weekly rent, others, monthly, others yearly, and finally some at periods determined by you. It could be more costly to the tenant to pay weekly because it could attract many administrative charges. Yearly payment, on the other hand, could be more beneficial since the landlord gets a more lucrative amount that allows for more flexibility.

  • Draft a compelling description

When people read your advert, the first lines of the property listing should be catchy and engaging, explaining to them why it is the ideal place for them. Explain a little about the property and the sort of lifestyle it offers. If I was looking for a house for my small family, I would look for an apartment or house near a school, mall, hospital, and other social amenities suitable for children. Wear the shoes of the prospective tenant and write in the language they would want to hear. If it is targeting young and single people, mention the nightclubs, gyms, and other trendy social scene places.

  • Clear descriptions

Now that you have the attention of the prospective tenant, it is time to ensure that they get all of the important details regarding the house. This can include details such as the heating, garden details such as swimming pools or landscaping, and even bills that are included or excluded from the rent.

  • Photos

You now have the full attention of the tenant and it is now time to give some killer photos to seal the deal. Clean and tidy any places, rooms, or surfaces that you intend to photograph. Some of the places people tend to focus on are living rooms and kitchens. If the outdoors is great you can also get effective photos there.

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Getting a tenant for your house can be very easy if you use the right marketing and advertising tactics. The ones mentioned above are just some of the things you can do to increase chances of renting it out quickly. You can check out for more information on how they can help with your advertising.