As a Calgary Mortgage Broker, there is absolutely no cost to you to use my services.

I work with you to secure the best mortgage possible based on your circumstances.  The advantage of working with a mortgage broker rather than dealing with a bank  is that I have access to multiple lenders, each with their own set of mortgage guidelines.  You complete one application and I send it to the lender that best meets your needs and situation.  This greatly increases the chances of approval especially in the situation where you might be a first time home buyer, recently divorced, experiencing credit challenges or new to Canada.

What types of mortgages do I do?

* First time home buyers

* First mortgages with downpayments ranging from 5% and up

* No downpayment mortgages

* Refinancing existing mortgages to take out equity or pay off debt

* Private/Equity mortgages

* New to Canada

* Investment/Rental Properties

* Secured line of Credit


What’s it like to work with me?

* I am a ‘solo-preneur’…I work for myself and by myself and I handle each and every file from start to finish.  No worries about your file being handed off to someone else and information falling through the cracks

* I have evening and weekend appointments available and I prefer to meet in person whenever possible (coffee or beer, you choose and it’s my treat!)

* Clients are able to reach me by phone, email or text between the hours of 9am to 8pm, 7 days a week

* I want to make working with me as convenient as possible for you

* I love visiting my clients in their new home and I usually stop in with a pretty cool housewarming present


I would love to meet with you!  Please give me a call at 403-714-6861 or email me at:


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