Real Estate Videography Tips

Shopping online for a new home is one of the hardest things to do.  Every single website you visit and real estate site you scan will only provide you with a bit of information on available homes, complexes or apartments.  It is hard to spot a good buy from a photograph and it is hard to trust a photo when you know how easy photographs can be manipulated.  These are the exact reasons why every real estate agent should consider videography.  Videography involves creating moving images or videos and transforming these images or videos so they will be displayed in a presentable way.  It is quite fun to do videography and there are many fantastic benefits to realtors.

Real Estate Videography Tips

How videography can benefit real estate sales

Real estate videos will give buyers a much more realistic idea of the property.  They can watch the video and scan through all the images, listen to descriptions as they watch the video or check out exactly what a home looks like inside and outside.  This would be a tremendous aid to online buyers and will definitely benefit real estate sales because clients will instantly be convinced that the property is in fact what he or she is looking for.

How videography will benefit your business

Videos are the modern marketing trend.  Internet users and customers can get the information they need much easier and quicker from watching an informative video rather than reading a lot of articles.  If you have been on social media lately then you will see a dramatic boost in online videos.  Real estate companies will become a lot more effective when they use this type of marketing technique and their business will seem much higher in quality.

Learn to do videography

There are quite a few online sources where you can learn to do videography including some free sources like YouTube. The best way to learn this profession is of course to take a professional course because you will have all the information you need at once instead of having to search through various sources for all the information and tips you need.

What you will need for real estate videography

Real estate companies want to seem professional and experienced which means you will have to invest in professional videography gear like the following;

Video camera – With a good quality video camera you can take great looking shots of the property as well as photographs that you can use in your marketing films.

Digital Mixer – The Panasonic ag-hmx100 is an excellent choice for editing your videos.  This mixer includes a wide range of effects; it supports multiple camera workflows and enable you to make great looking videos affordably.  You can display video sources; tune audio levels operate multiple windows on a single monitor and much more.

External hard drive – An external hard drive is always a good solution for storing away all of your video clips, property photos and info as well as your marketing videos.

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