Raving Fans

I have been soooo fortunate to work with some really, really amazing clients.   Clients that I would be proud to call my friends.  They truly make my job so easy and are such a great reminder of why I love what I do.  What else can I say but,

my clients!!  Thank you to each and every one of you!

Client Video Testimonial

Testimonial #1

Meeting Charlotte for the first time was so comfortable, it was like I already knew her.  Charlotte is very personable and she always came to me when we needed to meet in person and goes out of her way for her clients. She made the process of getting a mortgage very easy and answered my questions with an answer I could understand.

I am a very young first time home buyer and went into the whole process with very little knowledge on what I was doing. I was very overwhelmed and she did her job with professionalism and made the process effortless and straightforward. Charlotte was very diligent in keeping me updated along the way and was always available for me to get a hold of her for any concerns or questions I had that came up on the fly. She really understood my situation and she was able to relate to me. I would definitely recommend Charlotte for anyone’s Mortgage Broker. I look forward to a long relationship with Charlotte.

B, Calgary, AB

Testimonial #2

I recently had to renew my mortgage and unfortunately did not decide until the 11th hour that I wanted to make a few changes.  Despite the tight timelines, Charlotte went out of her way to help me find the most attractive rate, restructure my payments so they better aligned with my pay schedule and provided excellent advice on how to pay down my mortgage quicker.  Charlotte was also a real pleasure to work with.  In fact, she provided me with better customer service than the lender I had been with for years.  She willingly worked around my busy work/life schedule and helped me find the mortgage that best worked for me.

T. Calgary, AB

Testimonial #3

The service that Charlotte provided for us was outstanding. We had struggled with getting affordable rates and prompt service from another Mortgage Broker that worked for a bigger company before meeting with Charlotte to discuss our needs. We really should have gone with her in the first place. Not only did she get us a rate we could afford that met our needs, but she got us approved very quickly and provided friendly, stress-free customer service. Her commitment to satisfying her customers and getting them what they need is unparalleled. We highly recommend her services to anyone. She is a life-saver.

D&N, Calgary, AB

Testimonial #4

Charlotte is dependable, innovative and enthusiastic.  She not only has a passion for finance, but a passion for people.   Charlotte has come to the rescue when other Mortgage Associates failed to perform. Not all mortgage professionals are made equal and having one as highly skilled as Charlotte is truly an asset.

Tamara Nellissen, Realtor, Sutton Realty, Calgary, AB

Testimonial #5

“Charlotte Lammerhirt was fantastic to work with in securing a mortgage for myself.  As a single mum with 2 university going children, I was wishing for a miracle. Charlotte , not only made me feel better about my situation in a personal way, but amazingly found a company that gave me a mortgage !

I am so grateful that I have met such a terrific person who does her job with professionalism and caring.

G. Calgary, AB

Testimonial #6

Working with Charlotte was a dream come true.  She came at a time in our lives when we were looking for some advice about whether or not to refinance our existing mortgage or move.  Not only was she a a great sounding board but she pointed out many things that we did not even consider in making our decision.  In the end, we decided to refinance and she was able to get us an even lower rate than we thought was possible.  The best part of this was that Charlotte came to us….we have small children in the home and she made it so convenient to work with her by coming and working with us at our kitchen table!  Thank you so much!

K and R, Calgary, AB

Testimonial #7

After having my second child, I realized that I could not bear the thought of going back to work.  However, our finances were tight and it was getting harder and harder on our budget. We consulted with Charlotte about our financial situation.  And it was the right decision!  Not only did she work around our busy schedules, coming to our home in the evenings and weekends but she reduced our monthly payments by over $800 a month! And our interest rate is less that half of what it used to be. I cannot tell you how relieved I felt knowing that I could stay at home and watch my children grow up.  She is our “Mortgage Angel”.

K and M, Calgary, AB

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