Is The Couch To 5K Running Program Worth It?

When it comes to running, getting started is the hardest especially if you have big fitness goals. Luckily there are programs that have been tailored to make it easy such as the couch to 5k program which you use the couch to 5k treadmill. These kinds of programs are meant to be inspirational so that working out becomes much easier even for those who don’t feel very motivated. As the name suggests, couch to 5k is a program that is meant for taking someone from the couch to running up to 5k in just a short duration.

Is The Couch To 5K Running Program Worth It?
Is The Couch To 5K Running Program Worth It?

What exactly is couch to 5k?

This is a running plan that was specifically tailored for beginners. It was developed by someone who wanted to take his mother from the couch to get running. It was developed by a new runner to help one start running.

According to the plan, one runs a total of 9 weeks at a frequency of three runs a week.

How it works?

When you get started on something, if you have a plan, it is much easier to achieve success than when you don’t and this is where couch to 5k comes in. When getting started on something new, it is common for ne to overdo it and after a short period of time give up on it.

Couch to 5k has been made in such a way that one stays motivated in doing the exercise. It does not start with so much intensity as it starts with a mix of running and walking and gradually builds up as you get more fit. It makes the plan more realistic. For example the first week involves running for just a minute at a time making it feel achievable.

Is it for anyone?

Absolutely yes! Anyone can participate in the program regardless of the age and gender. Couch to 5k has been made in a simple way you cater for everyone. Remember the one who started it was targeting his 50 year old mum meaning anyone can use it.

In case you don’t feel very fit or have any health concerns that you think may interfere maybe you can consult your GP prior.

Benefits of couch to 5k

If you are looking to get healthier, then you are on track. Running is a cardiovascular exercise and hence is good for the health of your heart and lungs. Running can increase your metabolism thus help you to lose weight more easily. Cardiovascular exercises also help in increasing the bone density of some people which can help in the prevention of osteoporosis. Running has mental benefits too such as boosting your confidence and esteem levels. Many exercises including running can help relieve you from stress thus helping to combat stress related issues such as depression.

In order to achieve your fitness goals, you need a plan and couch to 5k can be such a plan. It however does not work like magic; it depends on your effort to it.