Importance of Reviews to A Business

Reviews highly influence the performance of a business as it has the power to either make or break a business. Gone are the days that people would just trust salesmen and make a purchasing decision, currently with the internet and with sites that specifically deal with reviews, many shoppers will look for reviews about a company before deciding to deal with it. Normally customer is king to every business and hence the customer is likely to influence other customers to the business. Word of mouth has been used from ancient days to influence the success of a business and currently online reviews have taken the same path which explains why there are many review sites such as . It is therefore important for a business to make sure that they are able to maintain positive reviews if they want to achieve success. Some of the reasons why reviews are very important for any business include:

Importance of Reviews to A Business
Importance of Reviews to A Business

Influence buying decisions

More and more consumers would look for the reviews of a product or a business before deciding to deal with it. From a survey done by BrightLocal, about 90% of consumers trust online reviews as they would personal recommendations which are strange since online reviews are mostly posted by strangers. This therefore means that the kind of reviews you have on your site is what will determine your success rate.

On-site ranking is important

What most businesses don’t realize is that it is important for you to enable customer reviews on your site as that will influence the company’s organic search rankings on search engines. This means that any positive review on your site will have a positive effect in terms of influencing other buyers to purchase from you as compared to not having any review on your site. A review will lead to more traffic on your site since you will come across as of being of more relevance.

Due to the importance of reviews, it is important to be creative to encourage customers to leave reviews. Contrary to popular belief, no reviews are worse than bad reviews. At the same time you need reviews in order to have a higher number of customers. There are many things that you can do to encourage consumers to leave reviews on your site such as offering incentives such as loyalty points, discounts on future purchases and giving complimentary items such as coupons. You can also do follow up emails to request for a review as soon as possible. Another way of encouraging a review is trying as much as possible to make it easy to leave a review.

There are some cases where one may also get negative reviews. As much as they are not the best, they may be constructive criticism for the company which will help the company to improve in its products and services. It can also help other users to trust your reviews since it is not biased which means that users will take the positive reviews more seriously. It is however important to respond to every negative review that you get.