How You Can Style Your Dresser at Home

Some people are not too fond of makeup so their dresser top will almost always look bare. There is no reason why you should keep your dresser bare especially with the new essential products that are meant to improve the condition of your skin.

Do you realize that there are a lot of beauty tools that you can get now? From the different makeup brushes to the hair tools that you can use to make your hair look presentable, you are bound to find some products that you can use to fill up the top portion of your dresser drawer. Some people do not usually place their skin products on top of the dresser because they place it inside the bathroom. It will depend on you what items you can place on top of your dresser.

How You Can Style Your Dresser at Home
How You Can Style Your Dresser at Home

The right items may not matter that much when you do not have the right dresser drawer. Are you happy with the drawer that you currently have? If you have just purchased it, then you are probably more satisfied with it as compared to someone who has been using an old dresser drawer for a long time. You can always bring new life to your dresser by making some small changes.

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint or varnish on the dresser. You may want to have a rustic dresser but rustic does not always mean old. What you can do is just change the dresser’s color and it may be enough to make you feel like you have purchased a new dresser for your home.
  • Create a border around the edges of the dresser. This will make your dresser look different which is surprising for a lot of people because the border does not seem to be much of a difference. The only time that you will realize that it has changed the appearance of the dresser is when you already see it. If you want a more obvious change, you can design the border the way that you want to. Add some paintings of leaves, flowers, and so much more. Unleash your creativity and have a dresser that you can be proud of.
  • Change the dresser into a vanity table. What if you have a lot of products that need to be placed on the dresser drawer? You can make the dresser into a vanity table instead. If you could place this inside the bathroom as a bathroom vanity, this can be a great idea too. Renovations that are done to the bathroom can even increase your home’s value. The increase will depend on the change that you have made.
  • ┬áPlace some wallpaper on some portions of the dresser. Usually, the wallpaper will be placed on the drawer faces but it will still be up to you.

Can you still think of other things that you can do so that you can improve the way that your dresser looks? Making a small change to your dresser can make a difference to the rest of the room where you would place it on.