How To Set Up Your Own Personal Home Gym

Physical fitness and motivation are two key factors to excel in life. Many people do care a lot regarding their physical fitness but it is not easy to maintain. You need to take out a particular time from your routine and devote it completely to the gym. It often becomes hectic to manage gym with your office or university.

A number of times you have to skip your gym because you have to do other tasks. For instance, you might need to go out of the city due to some official work and your gym routine gets disturbed. You only pay your gym membership fee but you just could not manage to go to the gym daily.

You can set up your own personal gym by yourself at your own house. This gym does not need heavy workout machines just a few affordable gym machines would do fine. Do not go for expensive and advanced equipment at the start, simple and cheap equipment will get your job done.

In this way, you can give time to yourself in the free time. You are not time bound to go to the gym. Just do the workout at your own gym and be your own trainer.

You just need a small area in your house that you can devote to the gym area. A small room or a corner of a room would work but the area should be carpeted.

How To Set Up Your Own Personal Home Gym
How To Set Up Your Own Personal Home Gym

Here is some basic equipment, which you need to buy for setting up your own gym:

  • Treadmill

One of the most popular cardio equipment. Running on treadmill burns calories and it is sort of aerobic exercise, which helps you to lose weight. Working out on a treadmill is one of the easiest yet effective exercises. It tracks your progress and tells about the distance you have covered, calories burnt and heart rate.

Helps in reducing weight to a great deal, running on a treadmill for about 20 minutes will burn about 230 calories if you run at a speed of six mph. Improves heart health, as it provides you with cardiovascular exercise.

As treadmill have a number of benefits, so it must be a part of your home gym. Now looking for a treadmill that meets your requirement and is ideal for your home gym is a daunting task. Exercise Rig provides the list of best treadmills 2018 with their features and comparison. You might choose the ideal treadmill as per your budget. They provide you with a complete guidance before you choose a treadmill to buy.

  • Exercise Bikes

The addition of this popular exercise machine in your home gym will be a great idea. It provides you with great cardio exercise with the pumping of your heart. In addition to that, it helps in maintaining your weight with a low impact workout with great aerobic results and improve the heart health of any age group. You can also change the intensity of your workout challenge.

  • Dumbbells

Dumbbells provide you with a number of exercises. They are great for your home gym as they do not require much of the space. Dumbbells provide their focus on one arm and leg at a time. They can benefit the contractile and elastic tissues of the muscles. Dumbbells help to create inter and intramuscular coordination.

  • Exercise balls

Exercise balls are great as they provide support to your lower back and allows you to stretch an exercise. They are great for your back and spine health. This ball also provides a solution to muscle imbalance. These exercise balls should be a part of your home gym, as they won’t take much space and are beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Exercise benches

Assists to maintain posture while lifting weights and helps in targeting specific muscles. They provide support for versatile exercise options.