How to revamp the bathroom of your mortgaged house

In some cases, when you buy a house, it is not in the best state that you would want it to be. In some cases, you may want to spice things up. One of the sensitive things to many homeowners is the bathroom. Unfortunately, most bathrooms are made to be very basic; thus, you have to put your hand in it to be how you dream it to be. Some of the ways you can revamp your bathroom include:

How to revamp the bathroom of your mortgaged house
How to revamp the bathroom of your mortgaged house

Change the taps

It is so annoying when you have old rusty taps. Although it may not be rusty as most taps are made of aluminum, they lose their shine with time. Changing the taps has proved to be effective in giving your bathroom a new vibe. You can get a modern tap with an elegant spout and curves for the best look.

The walls

If you don’t have tiled walls, you can easily update the walls with a new splash of color or texture. When choosing a paint or wallpaper, you need to consider their adaptation with moisture since moisture can lead to mold.

Decide on a focal point.

Most interior designers agree that you need to first decide on the focal point when you are working on space. For most bathrooms, the bathtub usually serves as a focal point. You can play around with that and choose whatever you want.

Switch the bath panels

They are one of the most underrated when decorating a bathroom, yet they have a dramatic effect. For example, instead of sticking with a plain panel, you can opt for a wooden one. There are many panel styles in the market, and the best choice depends on your scheme and theme.

Re-arrange the bathroom

One of the easiest ways of revamping your bathroom is by re-arranging it. You can mount shelves for extra storage or invest in baskets. You can also change the rails, hooks, shower caddies, racks, etc.


Lighting for sure adds glamour to any room and is not limited to the living room. Opting for statement lights has a significant effect. There are LED wall fittings that you can try out, and they make everything beautiful, especially if you have illuminated mirrors. When you buy bathroom light fittings, check the IP rating to know how close they can be to water. Get a professional to fix them.

With most bathroom projects, you can DIY them. Some projects need to be done by a professional. If you also want someone who will take care of everything to give your bathroom a new look, then companies such as Bathroom Remodeling Binghamton NY will happily take care of that. There is so much can be done to a bathroom, depending on what you want and your budget. Once you define your priorities and plan accordingly, then you will get what you want. If you operate without a budget, you may spend more than necessary; hence it is good to have a budget to work with.