How To Give A Good Impression of Your House When Selling?

Selling your house at a good price and making a good first impression to engage your buyer is an art. Not everyone can do it, which is why people hire real estate agents. The trick is in emotionally engaging your buyer because it is the emotions that compel you to buy something.

It has been proven by studies that during the first few minutes of meeting you and looking at your house, the buyer decides if he wants to buy it or not. So, technically the first few minutes are all you have to compel the buyer to buy your house. The tips and tricks that can assist you in making the best first impression are:

How To Give A Good Impression of Your House When Selling?
How To Give A Good Impression of Your House When Selling?

Outdoor area:

As soon as the buyer gets down from the car he/she gets the first look at the outdoor area of the house. For a good first impression, it is very important that you have a good-looking garden with beautiful flowers and a well-maintained garage. If you have a car or a jeep in the garage, make sure it is freshly cleaned and looks shiny.

Having a car and a bike on its side in the garage also gives a homely look. For instance, the Triumph Bobber review shows that it is a dandy looking bike which has many daily life uses and can be used as a cruising bike as well. If you are a road trip enthusiast, you can easily invest in this bike and enjoy your road trips.

It does not have any extra storage spaces. No side pockets or under seat storage is available on the bike but you can easily attach side bags and there are several side bags constructed specifically for the same reason by the company.

This bike is designed to give a mean and strong look. New bikes to the range are introduced every year that take the construction of the bike and its attitude to a whole new level every year.

The approach followed by its designers is the minimalist approach. With minimal features and addition of the bike heritage, it has an authentic look.

The company offers a wide range of accessories that help the client in customizing the bike according to their needs. The newest triumph bobber bike comes with a total of 130 accessories that can be used to customize the bike in any way you want.


When the clients come inside the house, they should feel a homely atmosphere which supports them in connecting emotionally. Some important techniques that can help you provide the right atmosphere are:

  • Creating a mood: if it is winters, you can light up the fireplace and serve hot chocolate when they enter. You can also easily get chocolate chip cookie scented spray from the market. Spraying that can help in creating the mood. If your clients are a newly married couple, you can create a romantic mood by putting champagne in the glasses and turning on slow music.
  • Turn on all the lights of the house. A lighted up and bright house has a way better impression than a dull house. Open the windows, make the room look airy and bright.
  • If something is broken, either hide it or get it fixed. Even if it is not a big deal, it gives out a very bad impression. A check if there are any leaks in the house or in the bathrooms. Make sure all the light bulbs are in working condition.
  • Make sure each and everything is clean and organized. Dirty washrooms and kitchen make a very bad impression. Look out for dirty corners and creeks. Have organized cupboards as they might want to look at the wardrobe for the inside. Having a messy wardrobe or kitchen cabinet can be a huge turnoff.
  • Don’t let anything stink. Make sure the house smells good.