How to choose the right building for an injection molding plant

When it comes to an injection molding plant, just like any other company, the site you choose is critical. The real estate trends have changed that you can even buy a manufacturing plant on a mortgage, or buy a house that you can expand later for it to be a manufacturing plant. It all depends on what your needs are and the scalability potential. The site you choose influences the success of the company. Companies such as qmolding have the right location, and that is why they are a success. Some of the factors when choosing the right building include:

How to choose the right building for an injection molding plant
How to choose the right building for an injection molding plant

The type of building

Some manufacturers are concrete about the kind of buildings they prefer. You can either go for an existing building or going for a new greenfield site. With existing buildings, they can always be customized according to your needs. Either way, before you settle on a particular structure, it must be inspected to confirm that it meets the requirements for an injection molding plant. It also needs to be in the right area as some of the emissions may be harmful to those around you. For example, it should be in a residential area.

Your needs

When you start a manufacturing plant, there are chances that it will expand in the future. The kind of building that you settle on should, therefore, be able to meet both the current and future needs. You should assess your needs and if you are not sure to compare with your competitors to have an idea of how the future might look like.


Your site of choice should be able to flexible enough to accommodate future expansions. You, therefore, need a scalable building. It should have space around it, preferably. In the future, you may need more storage, such as a warehouse, a lab, etc.


The budget you have in most times will determine the kind of building that will be ideal for you. If you are limited budget-wise, you can opt for an old house that you can renovate. Another option is to go to the outskirts as it usually is cheaper. If you opt for financing options such as mortgaging, you need to choose something that you re sure you are willing to stick with it to the long-term. As for the mortgage, shop around to make sure that you get the best deals with the best terms.


You need to choose an easily accessible plant. You need to consider the transportation to the place, the state of roads, and how you can access it. You also need to keep in mind if the site is accessible for supply chain or customers to get to. Is it a place you can quickly get labor?


Besides communication and electricity, you also need to be sure that you can access essential utilities such as water and where to dispose of waste. If you need third party utility companies, engage them prior.