Good Reasons to Ban Sugar From Your Home Entirely

Modern architecture is focused on creating healthier home environments by installing more windows to allow more natural sunlight into our homes and by using eco-friendly products for constructions.  While you are opting for a healthier home design you should also be mindful of the things you consume because the foods we eat has the biggest impact on our bodies and health.  Sugar is found in each and every home on the planet and this sweetener is linked to many diseases, health issues and is now even labeled as a drug.

If you want a healthier home then it is time to ban sugar from your home entirely.  Here are a few good reasons to cut sugar from your life right now.

Good Reasons to Ban Sugar From Your Home Entirely
Good Reasons to Ban Sugar From Your Home Entirely

Sugar Is Addictive

Research done by the University of California found that sugar in excess can be more addictive than alcohol.  Yes, those sweet cravings you have are actually withdrawal symptoms of an addiction to sugar. Not all people are equally affected by the addictive properties of sugar but everyone that uses sugar in excess will eventually start to crave this toxic sweetener.

You Can Learn To Cope Without Sugar

It only takes a few weeks of banning sugar to overcome this addiction.  Once you have overcome your addiction, you won’t crave sweet things as much and natural, healthy sweet foods like bananas, oranges, grapes, and even bread will taste a lot sweeter since you are no longer used to all that excess sugar.

Artificial Sweeteners Are Also Unhealthy

Think that it is better to simply switch over to an artificial sweetener?  Think again.  These faux sugars are linked to various medical issues and give you numerous side effects.  Even Sucralose that was once branded as a healthier alternative is now linked to various side effects such as weight gain and increased appetite.  Before you take this sweetener you should definitely read more about the sucralose dangers.

Sugar Affects Your Mood Badly

Taking sugar instantly makes you feel good and happy.  Your body gets a spike in energy.  But after a while, your body burns through all that energy leaving you feeling completely deprived of energy.  Children especially feel moody, angry and agitated after a sugar rush wears off.

Sugar Is Linked To Obesity

Sugar affects your metabolism negatively and the addictive effects of sugar make you crave more sweet things all day long.  You naturally eat more when you are addicted to sugar because your cravings drive you to devour anything remotely sweet.  This results in weight gain and obesity.

Sugar Is Linked To Diabetes

Taking too much sugar over the years can cause diabetes.  Your body is constantly fueled by too much glucose found in sugar which renders your ability to cope with all that glucose.  Eventually, you will develop diabetes because your body won’t be able to maintain a good blood sugar balance when it is constantly trying to deal with fluctuating glucose levels.

Remember That Sugar Comes In Many Forms

Sugar is found in various types of food such as sweets, jams, jellies, baked goods and more.  It is best to cut sugar from your diet entirely by avoiding sugar in prepared foods entirely or at least as much as you can.

A sugar-free home is a healthy and happy home.  It is entirely worth the efforts of cutting sugar from your diet and life, especially if you want to teach kids about healthy living from an early stage.