Can A Home Rock Climbing Wall Help You Stay Fit? 

Can A Home Rock Climbing Wall Help You Stay Fit? 
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Modern homeowners are constantly on the lookout for ways to stay healthy and fit. This is becoming much more challenging since we are now living busier lives than ever before. If you, like so many others, find it hard to make time for the gym or cannot keep up with expensive gym fees then perhaps it is time to invest in a home fitness system. There are quite a few home fitness concepts you can adopt to try to stay healthy and active. Lots of homeowners invest in home gyms, lap pools or sports courts so they can have a dedicated area to work out.  

If you are extremely tight on space and still want to build strong muscles, lose weight and stay active then a home rock climbing wall can be a superb solution. Rock climbing walls hardly take up any space because it is a vertical wall. Rock climbing holds can be installed on a secure brick or concrete wall so if you have something high enough then this can be an easy home conversion. If not, then building a nice and high wall can also be a worthy investment if you consider the fact that you will be able to use your rocky wall for many years to come. 

What You Need For Constructing a Rock Wall 

First of all, you will need a wall. Lots of parents leverage children’s bedroom walls to create rock climbing walls for them to stay fit. But if the entire family will be using the wall then it is probably best to install something higher so you can have more of a challenge. Contact a building contractor to get your wall built professionally. These experts know exactly how to execute these projects safely and using a professional for a climbing wall probably won’t cost more than most home gym equipment anyway. 

When your wall is in place, you can get to work on buying and installing holds. Position these holds strategically and invest in a variety of hold types so you can create a challenging wall. 

Install your anchor at the top of the wall as well as your rock hanger. The hardware requirements will, of course, depend on the height of the wall.  

Next, you will need some climbing rope and other accessories such as mailons, singing rock redblocks, safety chains, top rings, and other climbing accessories.  

A landing mat is also a wise investment if you have a particularly high climbing wall or if little ones are climbing.  

What to Wear When You Climb 

It is important to always wear comfortable stretch clothing when you are climbing walls. Comfy clothes will allow you to move freely and quickly. It is also important to stick to tight-fitting clothes like gym attire so you won’t get caught on one of the walls holds. To climb fast, you need to invest in good quality rock climbing shoes and a pair of good gloves will also protect your fingers from becoming all worn and sore as you climb.  

Rock climbing is a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy to help everyone stay active, healthy and flexible.