8 Knives Every Home Owner Should Have In the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and the soul of a home.  In most cases the kitchen is the first thing that buyers and even realtors will consider when they scout the home.  This is because the kitchen is the part of your home where most of the hard work is done and your kitchen’s style and tools can greatly affect the quality of food that is prepared there as well as the general appeal of your cooking experience.  The right tools in the kitchen can make it much easier and quicker to prepare foods and can greatly affect your enjoyment of cooking.  One of the kitchen tools that have the greatest effect of your kitchen and cooking experiences is the knives you use.  Here is a quick list of 8 knives every home owner should have in the kitchen to bring out the inner chef within them and to make a home much tastier and more adventurous;

Kitchen Knives

Bread knife

A lot of home owners underestimate the value of a good bread knife because everyone is buying sliced bread these days.  While sliced bread is easy the breads you really should be eating is the ones that are not sliced.  Health breads and French breads are absolutely divine and will instantly improve the quality of meals.

Santoku Knife

This knife originates from Japan and you most likely already have it in your kitchen drawer.  This knife has a rounded and cleaver like blade with a grandton edge.  It is used for many tasks and is a must have in the kitchen.

Chef’s knife

This vegetable blade knife looks a lot like the Santoku Knife but has a smooth edge.  It is a superb multi-purpose kitchen knife because you can sharpen it at home and use it for so many different tasks like slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing.


Yes, it is the most common used knife in horror stories.  This rectangular bladed knife is great for breaking through chunks of meat, bone and much more.

Hunting knife

This might come as a surprise to many cooking enthusiasts but a hunting knife is one of the best knifes to keep in your kitchen because this knife is so functional.  If you love to stick to one tool for all your peeling, slicing, chopping, skinning and dicing tasks then you can definitely invest in one of these.  Hunting knives are also superb for general cutting tasks around the house.  Click here to know more about the best hunting knives on the market.

Paring knife

This is a small knife with a short sharp blade.  The knife is good for small tasks like peeling, trimming and small cutting tasks or for creating fruit art.

Carving knife

The knife is longer and thinner than a chef’s knife and is superb for cutting meat slices for large roasts and more.

Kitchen cheers

No this is not a knife but very handy in the kitchen nonetheless.  Sheers are great for cutting open any food packets and even for slicing meats and vegetables.